Purpose of the deposit:

For safety reasons we limit our class size.
Because of the great demand for our courses the spaces in the class are reserved quickly.
When students do not show up for the class we end up with the empty seats, while other people are waiting for the cancellation.
To motivate those who signs in to call in advance to reschedule and allow us to contact people on the waiting list on time a non-refundable deposit is required for reservation.

Policy governing the deposit:

Total amount of the deposit will be applied towards student's payment for the class.
Student is allowed to reschedule up to 4 times.
Student is allowed to reschedule for any scheduled class within 6 month for NRA Basic Pistol Shooting class and Concealed Carried Weapons class.
Student has up to 1 year to reschedule class for other disciplines.


You signed up for the class 2 weeks from now and paid a $50.00 deposit.
A week later you found that you will not be able to attend this class.
You have until 2 days before the class to call or email to reschedule.
Your deposit will be applied to your class payment when you attend the class.
When you show up for the class you will pay the balance (Cost of class minus $50.00)