Maryland Handgun Wear & Carry Course


This course includes a shooting test, required by the State of Maryland to be eligible to apply for a Wear & Carry Permit.

Maryland State Police only accepts electronically filled applications

While this course satisfies all the requirements as issued by the Maryland State Police, MdGTC® does not guarantee that the applicant will receive the Handgun Wear & Carry Permit. ******************************************************************************************

 Prerequisites: Demonstrable proficiency with the handgun.

Classes held on weekends

  Duration - 16 hours (two days) for original application, 8 hours for renewal.

  Cost - $250.00 for 16 hour, $150 for 8 hour class.

Possible additional cost:

Use of school firearms and ammo- $30.00 for Civilian test, $50 for Professional test (If needed)

 A non-refundable $50.00 deposit is required to reserve your space in class

Click on the button below corresponding to the class you need to make your reservation


Civilian test handgun and ammunition - $40


You will learn in this course:

• Laws governing use of deadly force in Maryland.

• Types of handguns.

• Functions and parts of a handgun.

• Ammunition types and impact.

• Defensive shooting techniques.

• Cleaning and storage of firearms.

• Live fire examination (please click here to see the course of fire).

Certificate and Official Scoresheet issued upon completion.

What is required:

• 50 rounds of ammunition if using your firearm.

• Handgun. (Will be provided for those who do not own one)

• Eye (glasses) and ear protection (Available free of charge).