Gunny training class on a range


Staff on the range

MdGTC staff on the range


In the classroom


Gunny teaching Maryland Law

Gunny explaining Maryland Gun Law to the class



Jeff teaching Gun Care

Jeff teaching Gun Care

Student bench shooting 25 yards


Class after qualification shooting

After Qualification shooting at 11ºF

Class 01/20/2008


Jessie - Women and guns speech

Jessie, guest speaker on women with guns


Class 02/24/2008

NRA Basic Pistol class.


Class 03/30/2008

Class 03/30/2008


Class 04/27/2008


Beth with instructors.

Instructors after the class.


Alan with the instructors.

Alan with instructors.


Beth shooting.

Beth on the range.


AGC President

AGC President Dal Cockey visiting the classroom.


Classes are always fun.


Interview after Concealed Carried Weapons class

Final interview after the CCW class.


Class 05/25/08

Class 05/25/08



Gunny shooting M1A1




Better run for cover.

Hope to never see gun from this angle


Taking sight picture

Gene takes a "True sight picture" for a visual aid.


During the test

Basic Pistol Class on September 28, 2008



John Teaching Pistol class


Shotgun Class

Shotgun Class 07/06/2008


Qualification shooting 08/31/2008

Qualification shooting 08/31/2008


Basic Pistol Shooting Class 11/23/2008


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Class on December 14, 2008


Basic Pistol class October 18, 2009

Basic Pistol class October 18, 2009


CCW class 11/08/2009


Basic Pistol Shooting class 12/06/2009





Memorial Day class

Class on Memorial Day 2010

Memorial Day class



Memorial Hall

Class on April 10, 2011


Joan at the Timonium Gun Show

Joan tending the MdGTC® booth at the gun show


Student shooting in Basic Pistol class on 12/09/2012

Class on January 27, 2013

Basic Pistol Shooting class on January 27, 2013


Basic Pistol class March 23d, 2014